General Information


Beechgrove owners, agents and servants assume no responsibility for any accidents/injuries to any dog and/or the dog's owner (handler) while in/on the dog park property or using any park equipment.

Beechgrove owners, agents and servants shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft caused in respect of any equipment, animal, vehicle, or other property used in connection with the facilities offered.

All dogs and people enter the park at their own risk.

Park Rules & Regulations:


We recommend booking at least 24 hours in advance for any of our activities.

You can book up to 4 weeks ahead for our Playgroups and for the Zoom Zone.

You can block-book a weekly Private Appointment throughout the Beechgrove Season (April – End of September).

Cancellation Policy:

We understand that you may not be able to make each appointment as things can crop up. However, we do ask that you give us 24hrs notice if you cannot make your appointment, failure to do so means you will be charged the cost of that appointment fee.

If you arrive late, the booking time cannot be extended.

24hrs notice is required for any cancellations. You will be charged if we have less than 24 hours’ notice. Refunds or credit for your next appointment will be given if you have pre-paid and have cancelled within the 24-hour window.

Should we have to cancel/close for any reason, you will be contacted and will not be charged your appointment.

Data Protection:

Upon first visit to the Doggy Fun Park we ask that all visitors register their dogs with us.

We do not pass your details to any third parties, unless required to do so by the Council Dog Warden or Police, if an incident was ever to occur. We will not contact you through your information provided unless it is necessary or relevant to a planned or recent visit to the park. If at any stage you wish to review the information, we have registered for you, please email us at to do so.

If your dog has passed away, or you are no longer a visitor to the park you can contact us to have your details removed, however ALL dogs visiting the park must be registered.