Beechgrove Zoom Zone Terms & Conditions

Please read this page carefully before booking and/or using the Zoom Zone. By booking the Zoom Zone you are agreeing to ALL of the terms and conditions below;

The 50 minutes session in which you book for using the Zoom Zone gives you enough time to:

  • Arrive at your session on time.
  • Drive into the Zoom Zone.
  • Ensure you have fully closed the gates.
  • Unload your dog(s).
  • Use the Zoom Zone.
  • Load the dog(s) back into your vehicle.
  • Drive out and close the gate behind you.

This hourly session allows the time for you to do all the above points as well as picking up after your dog and tidying the Zoom Zone after your visit.

The Zoom Zone is by appointment only and you have exclusive use of the play area, so there are no other people or dogs inside the area while you are using it.

Please try to arrive at your session on time. We ask that if you are early to wait patiently away from the Zoom Zone (at the dog park or the wind turbine) until it is your sessions start time. This is so that you are not interrupting another customers session, who may have a reactive dog, and can avoid cars meeting on the narrow laneway.

If you arrive late to your appointment, you must still leave when your appointment slot is finished. Anybody who overstays their session repeatedly will have their booking rights revoked.

If you know your dog can be difficult to get back on a lead, then make sure to allow plenty of time before the end of your session to put them on – there is a 10 minute buffer time between appointments for your dog’s safety, and running into another person’s booked time is not fair and may result in losing the ability to book. If you cannot get your dog(s) back at the end of your session please notify us immediately.

If you overstay into someone else’s booked time, you will likely have to pay for that customers session.

DO NOT enter the Zoom Zone or unload your dog(s) from your vehicle until all other Zoom Zone customers have left the property. This field will be used by some reactive/nervous dogs, thus there should only be one customer with their dog(s) on site per hour.

If you arrive early and see a car or somebody using the Zoom Zone please do not approach and remain in your vehicle until they have vacated the premises.

The laneway is shared and narrow, please do not block gates or access points. If needed you can drive down the lane towards the wind turbine and turn there, this allows you to leave room for other visitors to exit.

If you arrive for your allocated booked session and there is another customer in the Zoom Zone who doesn’t seem to be leaving the field, then please call one of the 3 numbers listed. DO NOT approach or enter the Zoom Zone.

  • Paula: 07907275732
  • Nikki: 07546124423
  • Carolyn: 07770538514

We pride ourselves on keeping The Park clean and tidy. The Zoom Zone is checked regularly at different times of the day in between customer visits. If we suspect that you are not cleaning up after your dog(s) or following the guidelines on how to keep the Zoom Zone tidy, this may result in you not being able to return to the Zoom Zone.

If you believe that a user before you has left the Zoom Zone untidy or has done damage to the play area, we ask the you please do let us know immediately, it is unfair that your session should ever be ruined by another visitor not following the guidelines.

Bookings are non-transferable. The person who has made the booking must be present and must ensure that anyone else attending the session with them is made aware of (and adheres) to our Terms & Conditions.


You as the owner/guardian/supervisor enter and use the Zoom Zone at your own risk. We, landowners and agents, take no responsibility for any damage or injury to persons, vehicles, property, or animals whilst using the Zoom Zone or on the property and laneway. You (owner/guardian/supervisor) are responsible for any dog(s) in your procession, not only in the Zoom Zone or Dog Park, but at all times.

The Zoom Zone is fully enclosed with 8ft fencing but we cannot ensure absolute security for every dog. It is also your responsibility to close the gates to the Zoom Zone properly.

Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety of you & your dogs, we cannot be held responsible for any injury to people or dogs, however caused. The field is natural land, so please be aware of uneven surfaces.

Your dog must be kept on a lead until inside the Zoom Zone with the gate shut. This is an absolute MUST as there may be livestock in nearby fields.

Never leave your dogs unattended or tethered in the Zoom Zone, if you need to leave for any reason take your dog(s) with you.

Families with children of all ages are encouraged to use the Zoom Zone as a safe place to enjoy as a family. However, the Zoom Zone has been created for dogs and their needs, it is not a children’s play park. Under 16s must be accompanied at all times.

Humans (adults & children) must not climb on the equipment.

Please report any accident, incident, or damage immediately.

This is a fun, safe space for your dogs to use – we do not tolerate any harsh handling, aversive tools or abuse at Beechgrove premises and if reports are raised of inappropriate behaviour towards your dog, we have the right to revoke booking rights.

Leave no trace:
  • Please clean up after your dog and use the poop bin provided.
  • Broken or chewed dog toys, litter, uneaten treats, food of any sort, chewing gum & cigarette butts MUST all be put in the bin provided.
  • Any toys that you use must be placed in the ‘Used Toys Box’ at the end of your session.
  • Please do not allow your dog’s to purposely (dig, chew, climb etc) damage equipment, ground, fencing, bins, toy boxes and water facilities.
  • Use the water facilities with caution, please do not cause flooding to the water area – this can create safety issues by making the area slippery for other users.

All vehicles parked on the property are left entirely at their owner’s risk. We take no responsibility for damage or accidents.

Vehicles must be parked neatly in the designated car parking area and not block the lane, gateways, or access points. If additional parking is needed, you may park near the wind turbine by prior arrangement only.

DO NOT bring your dogs to the park when they are ill or if they have been ill in the past 24 hours. Treat the Zoom Zone as any other natural public space that may have risks to your dog. The same applies for natural issues such as ticks and grass seeds.

No glass, alcohol, parties (other than dog birthday party) or BBQ’s are permitted in the Zoom Zone at any time.

Dog Professionals (Trainers, Walkers etc.)

You cannot book the Zoom Zone to use with a client without prior arrangement. You must hold your own insurance. Please contact us to discuss further.