General Information


Beechgrove owners, agents and servants assume no responsibility for any accidents/injuries to any dog and/or the dog’s owner (handler) while in/on the dog park property or using any park equipment.

Beechgrove owners, agents and servants shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft caused in respect of any equipment, animal, vehicle, or other property used in connection with the facilities offered.

All dogs and people enter the park at their own risk.


We recommend booking at least 24 hours in advance for any of our activities.

Require booking via Facebook/Instagram messenger or direct text or call to Paula or Nikki (contact details at bottom of page).

Playgroups can not be booked online as we believe this is a unique process. Every dog plays differently; we match dogs to playgroups by size, play capabilities and natures. When contacting us to book your dog into a playgroup: we will ask you a little about your dog first, this is to help us advise which playgroup we feel will best suit your dog’s needs.

You can book up to 4 weeks in advance in Summer Season (April-Sept) and weekly during Winter Season (Oct-March). 

Private Appointments:
Can be booked online here –

You can also book by contacting Paula on 07907275732 (Text, WhatsApp, Call).

Please contact Paula if you would like to set up a block-booking on a weekly or fortnightly basis. 

*If you arrive late, the booking time cannot be extended.*


Playgroups –  paid upon arrival at the Dog Park, we accept both cash and card.

Private Appointments –  please pay in advance, you can do this when booking online here –
Alternatively, please contact Paula directly on 07907275732 to arrange an appointment time and payment details.

Cancellation Policy:

We understand that you may not be able to make each appointment as things can crop up. However, we do ask that you give us 48 hours notice if you cannot make your appointment – failure to do so means you will be charged the cost of the appointment fee.

Your cancellation fee must be paid before you can make another booking with us.

Refunds or credit for your next appointment will be given if you have pre-paid and have cancelled before the 48 hour window. 

Should we have to cancel/close for any reason, you will be contacted and will not be charged your appointment.

Please read this page carefully before booking and/or using the Doggy Fun Park. By booking a session you are agreeing to ALL of the terms and conditions below.

Beechgrove want all visitors (dogs and human) to enjoy their time at the park, but please observe the following guidelines to ensure your own safety and that of your dog.

Please follow staff guidance as we only wish to protect you,
your dog, and all visitors – remember that should your dog attack or injure another dog or person not just at Beechgrove, but anywhere, you are held liable by law.

  • Dogs MUST always be kept on lead in the Car Park and Reception Area
  • Dogs should always be supervised by their owners/handlers
  • Owners/Handlers MUST clean up after their dog(s).
  • Use caution when interacting with dogs that are not your own. Some dogs may not enjoy affection, may be very nervous of humans or particularly children. Please respect each dog’s boundaries and guide your children on safe interactions.
  • All visiting dogs should wear a collar or harness.
  • Dogs and Children (under 16) should always have adult supervision and never be left unattended in the park at any time.
  • Please keep off the equipment – Dog Park obstacles and agility equipment are designed to be used by dogs only – Children should always
    be supervised and not allowed to climb on the equipment!
  • Dogs under one year of age should not be encouraged to jump as their joints are still developing.
  • Playgroups are unsuitable for female dogs in season and pregnant dogs. Please enquire about Private Hire.
  • All food waste, cigarette butts, paper cups and rubbish must be placed in the bins provided – these are all tempting treats for your dog but can make them ill.
  • Non-neutered male dogs are typically restricted to a certain amount per playgroup – they are still of course welcome to join in but please be aware that spaces will be slightly more limited for them.
  • Should you become concerned about another dog’s behaviour, please consult a member of staff.

This is a fun, safe space for your dogs to use – we do not tolerate any harsh handling, aversive tools (choke chains, prong collars and electronic devices), verbal or physical abuse towards any dogs or humans at Beechgrove premises. If staff have any concerns or if reports are raised of inappropriate behaviour towards your dog, we have the right to revoke booking rights. Dogs will not be permitted entry into playgroups whilst wearing prong, shock or choke collars for their own safety.

Your dog should have their vaccinations/titre test up to date and puppies must have had all their puppy shots. Dogs suffering contagious diseases or conditions must not be brought to the park until they are fully recovered. If a dog is found to exhibit symptoms of any disease, we must remove the dog from the park for the safety of the other dogs.


Beechgrove staff are experienced and trained to always be vigilantly watching the body language of our visiting dogs – As their responsible human please monitor your own dog’s body language too. If your dog is becoming overly boisterous or you have any queries on their behaviour, please just come ask a member of our team, we’ll happily assist you or simply talk you through the dog’s behaviour.
If a dog does begin to show aggressive behaviour or unsuitable behaviour for the group, the dog will be removed from the playgroup. If we have space the dog will be allowed a private area alternative, but we cannot always guarantee the area will be available for this. If this is the case our team members will still help you figure out the best path for your dog’s socialisation.

Dogs known to be aggressive towards other dogs or people (or exhibit threatening behaviour) should not be brought to the park for playgroups or any group activities. A private area can be booked for ANY dog.

A playgroup environment is not suited to every dog so please do not be disheartened if we recommend a different activity for your dog. The Beechgrove team only want the best for each visiting dog and will always do our best to help your dog have a great experience.


Upon arriving to the park for your Private Appointment please come over and check in at our reception area before letting your dogs out of the car.

  • Please do not interact with any other visiting dogs without the owner’s permission.
  • Never approach or enter another visitor’s appointment area.

If you know your dog can be difficult to get back on a lead, then make sure to allow plenty of time before the end of your session to put them on lead again.
Running into another person’s booked time is not fair and may result in losing the ability to book.
If you overstay into someone else’s booked time, you will likely have to pay for that customers session.


Upon first visit to the Doggy Fun Park we ask that all visitors register their dogs with us.

We do not pass your details to any third parties, unless required to do so by the Council Dog Warden or Police, if an incident was ever to occur. We will not contact you through your information provided unless it is necessary or relevant to a planned or recent visit to the park. If at any stage you wish to review the information, we have registered for you, please email us at to do so.

If your dog has passed away, or you are no longer a visitor to the park you can contact us to have your details removed, however ALL dogs visiting the park must be registered.