Who is Agility for?

Any fit & healthy dog who loves having fun! Whilst we can alter our training to suit your dog’s mobility, their comfort is always first concern – is your dog comfortable and happy to exercise?
Agility is not a breed specific sport; you don’t need a collie! All breeds can join in no matter how big or small, again health is our only concern, with breeds who are prone to brachycephalic issues – please consider if active sport is right for your dog.
Puppies can join in with agility from just 6 months, learning lots of foundations and pre-agility skills that will help them learnt he skills of working, without having to use the equipment. Our classes and sessions are based on the dogs in the group’s abilities, so young dogs are never training beyond their physical ability or over exercising on those young joints and developing muscles! We will introduce equipment pieces at a safe pace for your pup’s development and keep working on those vital skills that build up a fantastic agility journey for your dog. 

1-1 Private Agility Sessions:

 Our 1-1 sessions are perfect for dogs who struggle in a class environment, this gives them the opportunity to have their chance at getting involved, learning, and having fun too! Ideal for dogs who don’t like being in the company of other dogs, those who are nervous of new people or find it difficult to concentrate with lots of distractions that a class environment may bring.